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About US

Welcome to Smart Odisha Network! 

   Smart Odisha Network is a well established business house with diverse activities such as Electronic Security surveillance, Fire Safety, IT & Technology etc. We are well established brand in Bhubaneswar, especially under electronic security system installation & service. The Quality Manpower, Knowledge, Technology, Timely Delivery & Price Economy is the key features which helped the Organization to build up its excellent reputation.

    Smart Odisha served a number of Industrial & commercial organizations as well individual needs & proved his efficiency in this modern era of electronic security & surveillance. Our high tech security system & regulated access system not only resist potential threats & loss and misuse of resources but also ensures full utilization of it in this environment where our resources are limited. Currently we are providing following services to both commercial & domestic sectors.

  • Industrial & Corporate security solutions.

Installation and servicing of cctv camera, network configuration & control, online/live monitoring, Biometric and RF enabled manpower management & access control, metal detector, fire safety equipment & system, Vehicle Tracking system etc. Also on-site security officers for industrial and commercial premises: plants, banks, hotels, museums, healthcare facilities, and office buildings. The officer’s duties include: access control, facilities oversight, loss prevention, reception services, escort of visitors and employees, mobile patrols, emergency response, life safety and evacuation.

  • Protection for your home & property.

Installation and servicing of cctv camera, network configuration & control, online/live monitoring. We install state-of-the-art security alarms, surveilance systems, and smoke detectors. smart odisha network offers monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of emergency, an armed mobile patrol will be dispatched to inspect the residence and the premises. In case of fire, the incident will be reported to the fire service.

  • Retail security & loss prevention.

To protect your customers, staff, and stock, we provide professionally trained on-site security officers for working in shopping malls, warehouses, and other retail venues. They can work uniformed or in plain clothes, depending on the client's requirements.

  • Armed courier services

We will ensure that your valuables are securely delivered on time. Our security officers are professionally trained with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement.

  • Fire safety system

We Install & provide regular service to fire-extinguisher, Smoke detector, Auto-Fire alarm & prevention system etc. On site demo & fire safety training also provided by our security officer.

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